Kara Renfro

Contemporary Artist


Born in rural Paint Lick, Kentucky Kara studied sculpture and ceramics at Georgetown College.  During her graduate studies from 2008-2010 she studied sculpture, installation, photography, video art, and performance art at Clemson University where she attained her MFA.  Her work has been exhibited at various galleries in Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky, and New York. Aesthetically, her work often focuses on ethereal beauty captured within fragile and brief moments of everyday life.  She works with a variety of materials in order to compose a finished work.  She currently teaches 3D Art and Art History at Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia, KY . Check out her resume to view her other academic teaching experiences and shows. Enjoy viewing her work and student work by clicking the “Gallery of Artwork” link at the top of the page.


Artist Biography

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“Uncharted Installation”

“Containing Sentiment”

“Dear, S&S”